Liked This, Love That

An absolutely thrilling crime/action movie that will fool your smartwatch into thinking you just ran a marathon

When Mad Max Fury Road debuted in 2015, it immediately garnered positive reviews. It currently stands at 97% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, had several Academy Award nominations, and some have even called it one of the best action movies ever. It also grossed over $375 million in the worldwide box office. So it’s fair to say, a lot of people have seen the movie.

The same cannot be said about Good Time. The movie has also praise, with a 92% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, and a Palme d’Or at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. But given its much smaller release…

He’s just not that good a writer

I watched Old in theaters last week (vaccinated and masked). It was the first time I was in a movie theater since February of 2020. I really enjoyed the experience of being back in the theater, and the movie was actually good.

I left with the same thoughts I’ve had the last few times I watched any of M. Night Shyamalan’s movies. He’s got a great eye for compositional shots. He is so skilled at incorporating color in the story. He even is better than most at using sound design for storytelling. But also, if only he had a writing…

Coffeeshop Humor

Don’t worry, you won’t really have to write much

Crappy thing, this pandemic, huh? I mean, I hear some people have even died from this thing. Yikes! But by far the worst thing of all was the fact that coffee shops closed for so long. I mean, can you believe it? How were people supposed to know I was working on my magnum opus if I didn’t sit alone in a Starbucks with my laptop open as I stared outside?

In case you’re curious, it is a screenplay about a guy in New York that discovers the real value of life through a serendipitous encounter with an immature but…

Confessions from a former skeptic

As a South American who grew up loving soccer and went on to live 10 years in Kansas City, you’d think I would welcome the news of a Ted Lasso show with open arms. You would be wrong.

You see, I loved the original Ted Lasso commercials. This character was initially in an ad as the clueless American football coach hired by Tottenham Hotspurs (one of the big six in English football) to be their manager. The video was made to promote NBC’s Premier League coverage, and it worked so well that a year later they made a second one.

Old-school humor

Gee willikers, can’t a guy catch a break?

Those little smartwatches are a marvel of technological achievement, but every once in a while they get things awfully wrong. That’s what I’ve been telling my wife all along and she still doesn’t believe me!

A minor mistake in reading your old and tired heart and it starts vibrating like crazy. Here are a few times my dumbwatch has vibrated on me out of nowhere now that I’m getting up there in age.

Walking up the stairs

Imagine that! You know when you get to an age when your knees ache and a flight of stairs takes your breath away…

And is still in line waiting for the American Dream

This is the story of an immigrant (me!) who did everything right, checked all the legal requirements, and for whom obviously everything went super smoothly! And if I could do it, then of course, everybody can!!!

This is honestly just a rant. But I’m fucking spent.

Upon arrival in the U.S. ten years ago to a public college, I thought I might one day make the American Dream a reality. I was smart (full ride academic scholarship), I was outgoing (took me no time to fit in), and I was hardworking (my first internship was unpaid, but I still managed…

But then again, how much hastagtivism do we actually need?

Every time I go on Twitter I see a new trending topic disguised as a wave of moral outrage. And believe me, I am aware that there are many wrongs in the world.

Racial disparities continue to claim lives (not to mention perpetuate a de facto cast system via limited economic opportunities). Gender violence has gone up in a year and change when people had to stay home, at times with their abuser. Easy access to guns and limited access to mental health counseling leaves the door wide open for mass murder, and we act surprised when it happens again…

Sebastian SD

From SCZ, Bolivia. Now in SLC, Utah. Here to read, write, and complain (in that order). My interest are legion, and so are my ramblings on this site.

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