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Salt Flats is the Medium publication of the Salt City Genre Writers. The SCGW is a chapter of the Utah League of Writers, and submission to this publication is open only to active members. Click on those links to join or renew your membership.

How to submit a piece to Salt Flats:

Salt Flats accepts essays, poems, or flash fiction stories of 1,000 words or fewer related to the theme chosen the editor. This month’s theme is: “Because I love you”. You must submit your piece by the last day of the month by 11:59 p.m. MST. …

A follow-up book to a children’s favorite about good manners!

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Hey! Did you you miss Part 1? That’s ok, I just said it was inspired by an old Simpsons’ episode. So here we go again, below just a few examples of what not to do. Read it to your kid when they’re being extra shitty, it’s bound to make you both feel better about yourselves.

I would like you to do us a favor though because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a lot about it. Donny, July 2019

No, Donny, don’t! When an ally thanks you for your support you don’t hold that as a leverage to get what you want. Lawyers call that quid pro quo, and moms call that utterly rude. …

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Did you all hear what the FDA said? THE PANDEMIC IS OVER!!! A vaccine has been approved and there is LITERALLY nothing else we need to do to move on from what’s made this year a poopy hellhole of a dumpster fire. And I don’t know about you, but after 9 months of sweatpants and hairy legs, I’m ready to turn my life around with these seven fun resolutions for 2021!

  1. Lose at least 10 pounds: Working from home and living off of Doordash has given me a new Pandemic Panza (that’s Spanish for belly — thanks Duolingo!) And since I plan on spending the summer boozing it up in a crowded beach in Wisconsin, I need to get in shape ASAP. …

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“Oh, you should have seen us, it was like Christmas and Thanksgiving combined!” She says as she clicks and wets her lips.

She does this more as a tick than a reaction to her own story. Her lips are almost always dry, covering her teeth, and when she clicks her tongue, it barely even approaches the outside of her mouth before retreating.

My great-grandmother, at 96 years old, is still surprisingly lucid and turns out to be a trove of knowledge. …

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The thing about midnight in Southern Kansas is that no matter where you look all you see is space. A blue sky with more stars than you can conceive, so bright you forget the time. Nothing to the left, nothing to the right, just prairie grass and wheat fields as far as the eye can see. Only the Flint Hills, just a silhouette under cover of darkness, stands out so I have to stop. I have to stop to marvel at the land I’m leaving. …

Explorando los acontecimientos del 2019 y 2020

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Evo Morales en conferencia de prensa — Wikimedia Commons

The English version is here.

Soy boliviano. Nací en Sucre, donde viví de niño, después viví por un tiempo en La Paz, y de ahí en Santa Cruz, donde pasé mi adolescencia. Después me mude a Estados Unidos, primero a Kansas para la universidad (con beca completa, no hubiera podido ir de otra forma), y ahora en Utah, donde vivo y trabajo con el programa de Visa H1B.

Desde chico he tenido lo que se pueden llamar opiniones liberales. Mis padres me enseñaron que todos somos iguales, independientemente de raza, orientación sexual, religión, etc. Por mi propia cuenta, me interesaron las ideologías izquierdistas en mi juventud (como pasa seguido), y todavía me interesa la justicia social, derechos laborales, salud universal, etc. También tengo que mencionar que he vivido una vida cómoda, lo que llamarías clase media-alta. …

A deep dive into a complex story — the 2019 and 2020 elections

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Former president Evo Morales at a press conference — Wikimedia Commons

La versión en español esta aquí.

I am Bolivian. I was born in Sucre, where I spent my childhood, then briefly lived in La Paz, and finally in Santa Cruz, for my late teenage years. I then moved to the United States. First to Kansas for college (with a full ride, couldn’t have afforded it otherwise), and then to Utah, where I now live and work under the H1B Visa program.

From an early age I’ve had what most would consider liberal views. My parents taught me to value equality, regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, etc. On my own accord, I was taken by leftist ideologies in my youth (as one is wont to do), and I still have hope for social justice, strong labor rights, universal healthcare, etc. I’ve also lived a comfortable life, what you’d call upper-middle-class. …

Shit, they’re really going to do this aren’t they?

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Made from Wikimedia Commons images

If you spent the last 14 years (known as 7 months in the pre-Covid times) locked in your house and accidentally forgot: 2020 is a presidential election year! Yes, two very old dudes with declining mental faculties are duking it out for the most powerful office in the U.S. And part of that battle includes fumbling their way through pre-written insults instead of answering questions. And in spite of an ongoing worldwide pandemic we are having *checks notes* THREE FUCKING DEBATES?!? Goddamn, I need a drink.

Let’s start with Tuesday September 29th. This is a drinking game, so stockpile your fridge (who are we kidding, you’ve been keeping up since April). …

Which rich megalomaniac is this?

Elon Musk and Donald Trump — Wikimedia commons
Elon Musk and Donald Trump — Wikimedia commons
Elon Musk and Donald Trump — Wikimedia commons
  1. Has a tendency to over-promise and under-deliver.
  2. Spends way too much time on Twitter considering the position he holds.
  3. Three wives and counting.
  4. Is king of a specific corner of the internet where anyone who defies him faces the wrath of his keyboard and pitchfork mobs.
  5. Is mostly known for his PR stunts (some of which go frighteningly well).
  6. Has spent a lot of money making sure he has a head full of hair.
  7. His behavior constantly has his advisors on edge.
  8. Says he’s definitively not racist and doesn’t understand why (only some of) his supporters are.
  9. Doesn’t have a good relationship with the “mainstream media”. …


Sebastian SD

From SCZ, Bolivia. Now in SLC, Utah. Here to read, write, and complain (in that order). I write fiction, humor, and some essays.

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