An Open Letter to Republican Senators

Impeach 45. It’s the logical thing to do.

There are several legal and moral reasons why the 45th President of the United States should be impeached. All Democrats and Independents are fully aware of them, and I’m sure those reasons will be discussed during the trial. I am here not to discuss those, but rather to discuss the three practical reasons why every Republican Senator should vote to impeach the former president.

  1. It will be good for you. The vote ahead is to impeach a president who is no longer serving. This means that the downside is limited (he no longer has a state-sponsored bullhorn) and the upside is huge (you can shake off his image). The former president lost the last election, whether he wants to admit it or not. His tenure is tied to a massive public health failure and, recency bias be damned, an armed insurrection against public officials. His approval rating didn’t break 35% in his last days in office, and was never higher than 51%. And think of the tax savings. If impeached, 45 wouldn’t get a secret service detail (which spends more money than any other in his own properties, effectively laundering money). It’s simple, he’s not popular, there’s little he can do to hurt you, you save taxpayers money, and you signal that you listen to your constituents — who clearly don’t like him.
  2. It will be good for the Republican party. In 2015 the Grand Old Party was looking to take back the White House after 8 years of a Democratic administration. There were arguably too many candidates willing to take on the challenge, all with different takes on specific policy or their approach to victory, but all with the same ethos and values. Then there was a candidate so outrageous that no one took him seriously. Until they had to. And after he ended up winning the presidency, the whole party started taking on his image, losing its core in the way. And losing elections. Now is your opportunity to take your party back. And the best part is that he can’t hijack it anymore. If Senator McConnel has seen it this way, you should see it too.
  3. And most importantly It will be good for the country. There’s one argument Republican Senators use to avoid impeaching is that they want to heal the country. That is, obviously, bullshit. See the stats above, this man has lost everyone but his base. And his base, and the hateful rhetoric they spew, is exactly what is tearing this country apart. We don’t need to get into whether or not there was racism during the Obama years (of course there was), it is evident that things have only gotten worse. This is the man who praised nazis and told them to stand by. And you saw exactly what happened next.

There are many legal and moral reasons to impeach 45, and you’ll hear them all in the trial. But I ask you to consider these logical, practical, and even selfish reasons. Vote with your heart, and with your brain.

From SCZ, Bolivia. Now in SLC, Utah. Here to read, write, and complain (in that order). I write fiction, humor, and some essays.

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