Play-by-play Commentary of Nevada’s Democratic Debate!

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From Mother Jones, but I honestly only wanted the picture. Dat Fair Use tho…
Lizzie Dubs wastes no time with the attack
But, look at those eyeeesss!
“Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself…”
The real question: “Chuck Todd, should you exist?”
Hey, do you know if grandpa’s been taking his pills?
“I have a black friend, remember?”
Three houses: one for every lady who caught the Bern ;)
Why men shit ’til they gotta be prez?
“Bitch please, I AM the Plan”
A minute of silence for Mike’s chances

From SCZ, Bolivia. Now in SLC, Utah. Here to read, write, and complain (in that order). I write fiction, humor, and some essays.

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